CRiT 59: home

Call for Submissions

The concluding issue of my tenure as editor is modestly titled home. home. contains as many meanings are there are places we call that name. But what does home mean to architects? Is home the place where we go to sleep at night, for those few hours away from the office? r does home mean something else, for someone who has given their life entire over to a profession?

The final issue in what I call the professional series (Crit 57 dealt with studio, Crit 58 with internship) is focused around the lives and design of young architects and other designers, in the hope that we learn, from their successes and mistakes, how we might belong to the world—the whole world, in a sense, for the architect, is home.

We are seeking submissions for Crit 59: home. Innovative studio models, project profiles, commentary and criticism, images, and interviews with practitioners are being sought. The deadline for submission is January 19, 2004.

R. Todd Gabbard