Online Roulette in Japan: Signs You’re Playing a Fair Game

Online Roulette in Japan: Signs You’re Playing a Fair Game

There’s a common agreement that roulette is the queen of all casino games— be it online or land-based. While it may be the French people who pioneered this interesting and entertaining game, today, it is being played by gamblers all over the world. The same is true for Japanese online casinos. The fact that there isn’t much learning needed in order to play the game makes it quite attractive even to those who are fairly new to virtual gambling.

However, considering the Japanese authority’s stand about online gambling being illegal, casinos that offer online roulette to Japanese players aren’t really hosted in Japanese soil but in foreign shores. This requires Japanese players to be doubly attentive about which online casino they will choose to play roulette at. Making sure that these sites are legit and offer fair games is essential to truly enjoy and appreciate the experience.

Playing Roulette

What’s really appealing about roulette is the fact that it won’t require a lot of learning curve for any player. One only needs to figure out the different bets involved in the game and how to place them to start playing. If you have played the game in a traditional casino before, then it would be even easier to play it on the virtual platform.

This is because online roulette follows the same rules that traditional casinos follow. Still, there are differences between the two and knowing what these are will help you determine whether an online casino roulette game is legit or not. For the best online roulette experience go to Casino Rank.

Online vs Land-based Roulette

Perhaps the biggest difference between a land-based and an online casino is the instrument used in playing the game.

In traditional, land-based roulette, there is a wheel that is spun and a die that is rolled to determine the outcome of the game.

In an online casino, there won’t be a physical wheel that players will spin when they play. Instead, a random number generator or RNG is used to represent the roulette wheel and its randomness in generating results.

 A High-Risk Game

Despite how simple roulette may seem to look at the outset, it’s important to remember that it is one of the most high-risk casino games out there. The reason is that it’s not that easy to score a win when playing the game. The house edge tends to be even higher when you’re playing the American version of the game. Where European roulette only has a house edge of 2.63%, the American version doubles the house advantage to 5.26%!

Is online roulette legit?

Most of the concerns online players have about the game and how fair and legit it is, have to do with “gambler’s remorse”. Many who think that online casinos are out to get their hard earned cash without giving them a fair chance at winning have experienced a massive loss— something that could be attributed more towards their questionable gambling strategy than the randomness of the game. While this doesn’t mean that every Japanese online roulette game out there is legit, it’s also a fact that a great number of these games are implemented fairly.

Knowing The Signs

It does help when you know how to recognize signs that an online roulette game is legit and fair. It will be easier to sort through your options when you know exactly what you’re looking for and which indicators reflect that a site may be a bit on the dodgy side.

Professional and polished look- See if the site seems to be well-made, not only design-wise but as far as the content goes as well. Make sure that the pages look professionally done and see to it that the text and content are comprehensible and coherent.

The site is licensed- Always check if the website is properly regulated and registered by some of the most trusted names in the industry. Legit sites will also see to it that their licensing details are displayed on their homepage so it will be easier for players to check it out and verify it when they need to.

Has a reliable support team- No online casino is perfect and there might come a point when you’ll need assistance with some issues or problems you may experience while playing roulette on their platform. You need assurance that if and when this happens, you can trust on get your concerns addressed on time.

Good reviews- The best way to tell whether an online casino offering roulette is worth its salt or not is to find out what the reviews have to say. People who experienced playing on these sites before are in the best position to tell you whether they’re worth signing up with or not.